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    Fr. Ronald Tellis
    Health Care,Animator of Fourth Year Theologians
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    Fr. A. Sebastian
    Prefect of Discipline, Animator of Second Year Theologians, Director of Pastoral Activities Chief Editor of Milan Director of Hartmann Missionary Academy
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    Fr. Jude Joby
    Animator of Third Year Theologians,Director of Liturgy & Music, Library
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    Fr. Alok Toppo
    Manual Work and Garden In-charge
    Animator of Second Year Theologians
    Director of Cultural Activities
    Literary/ Sports/ Games Competitions
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    Fr. Premus Ekka
    Animator of First Year Theologians, Director of Cultural Activities, Literary/Sports/Games Competitions, Co-editor of Milan
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    Fr. George Stephen, S.J.
    Spiritual Director, Secretary-Staff Council
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    Fr. Mathew Puthenpura, CST
    Spiritual Director,Co-In charge Gardening and Manual Work
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    Fr. Leo Tolstoy