Most Rev. Dr. Albert D'Souza   Doctorate Spirituality of the Diocesan Priests/Seminar
Most Rev. Dr.RaphyManjaly Doctorate  Spirituality of the Diocesan Priests/seminar
Most Rev. Francis Kalist  Licentiate Evangelization   
Rev. Fr. Dr. Francis D'Souza   Doctorate Christology
Rev. Fr. ShyjuKoloth Licentiate Introduction to Liturgy, Introduction to Sacramental Theology
Rev. Fr. AnandMascarenhas Licentiate Eucharistic Celebration
Rev. Fr. Paul D'Souza  Doctorate   Missiology   
Rev. Fr. Wilfred Moras Doctorate Missiology
Rev. Fr. Prasad Pinto   Doctorate Missiology  
Rev. Fr. Stany Wilfred    Licentiate Deutero-Pauline Letters
Rev. Fr. Anil Dev IMS   Acharya Indian Christian Spirituality
Rev. Fr. Andrew D' Cunha     M Sc. Counselling Pastoral Counselling
Rev. Fr. PaneerSelvam   Doctorate Seminar on New Evangelization Small Christian Community Seminar
Rev. Fr. Subash IMS  Doctorate Integral Growth - Orientation Programme
Rev. Fr. Jerome Paul   Doctorate Oriental Canon Law Seminar
Rev. Fr. Jerome IMS  Doctorate  Theology of Religions
Rev. Fr. K. V. George   Doctorate  Theology of Eucharist
Rev. Fr. Dileep Kumar   Doctorate Ecumenism & Dialogue
Rev. Fr. John Paul Licentiate  Proto-Pauline Letters
Rev. Fr. Vincent N.  Licentiate Theology of Church
Rev. Fr. Jerry Rosario     Doctorate Contextual Theology
Rev. Fr. P. D. Mathew SJ   Doctorate Legal Aid 
Rev. Fr. SibyPaulose M. Phil Counselling